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I am still alive. I haven’t fallen into madness or given up on writing. I did pull ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ only one week after it was released. To answer anyone who might care, it was simply because I finished reading the book ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King and it opened my eyes to the unsavory story that i had released.

If you bought it, please do not fear its not a bad product by no means, its just not the product that i had spent the last several years dreaming about.

I have also pulled out of self publishing (for now) at least with future works.

when the bomb is released it will be the first part of ‘The End of Tomorrow’. The second part is called ‘Through the smoke’ and the final part is calle
Ld ‘World on Fire’. There is the only taste you’re going to get. Unless you listen to ‘I Don’t want to set the world on fire’ by the ink spots…

The book is around 600+ pages and I’m just starting on the final part. A very big difference from the bombs 260 pages 🙂


So my next novel is going to be named ‘Through the Smoke’ and it is in fact the second book in “The End of Tomorrow’ Series. If you haven’t taken a look at the first book it’s called ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ and you can find it here.

Right now I’m about halfway though the first step, writing it. I plan to be done with it in about three or so weeks. Then it’s off to proofreading, editing, and cover design. I have a great idea for a cover and if I go through with it… well lets just say me and a cousin will be on it.

In a few minutes I will also be posting a sample from the first chapter of ‘Through the Smoke’. Also don’t worry about a spoiler alert if you haven’t read ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ yet.

So lets go back to February. I told myself then that I wanted to set a very large goal for myself this year. My goal was to have 7 books published on kindle and paperback by my 28th birthday. You see for some unknown reason the age 28 has always meant a lot to me. I can’t explain it, but what I can explain is that it is the year I’m going to make it big. You heard it here first! 2013 is going to be my year, the year of Eugene W. Cusie!


Well this is it… After three months it is going through its final proofread as it nears the end. My wonderful editor Doree has done an amazing job and i can’t wait to finally release this piece of me to the world.

The official release date is May 18th on Kindle and Amazon. Get ready for my take on zombies.


Posted: March 31, 2012 in On daily life

Today I start the editing process. I completely restructured my novel yesterday. I had originally planned at starting the story in the middle with one group of survivors then go back and tell another groups story. So the times were all mixed up. I felt like it would propel the story and attract readers… Well it became too complicated and I felt it hindered the story. So I had to restructure it and I think its much better. Now chapter 1 is really chapter 20 lol.

I also found a huge mistake in time frame where my story was off by 5 years. So now it takes place in 2004 instead of 1999