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I am still alive. I haven’t fallen into madness or given up on writing. I did pull ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ only one week after it was released. To answer anyone who might care, it was simply because I finished reading the book ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King and it opened my eyes to the unsavory story that i had released.

If you bought it, please do not fear its not a bad product by no means, its just not the product that i had spent the last several years dreaming about.

I have also pulled out of self publishing (for now) at least with future works.

when the bomb is released it will be the first part of ‘The End of Tomorrow’. The second part is called ‘Through the smoke’ and the final part is calle
Ld ‘World on Fire’. There is the only taste you’re going to get. Unless you listen to ‘I Don’t want to set the world on fire’ by the ink spots…

The book is around 600+ pages and I’m just starting on the final part. A very big difference from the bombs 260 pages 🙂


Well this morning I got my first sales for the month. If I can sell 100 copies this month i’ll definitely be doing some major free days.

“Fuzzy the Cat” may sound like a children’s story but rest assured it is not. It’s no secret that I could use a little extra money. I wish I could get a big break and sell a few thousand books on kindle. Pay off all my bills and instantly get a savings jump started. Even pay for a professional editor. I can dream can’t I ? Lol

Unfortunately however my luck doesn’t seem to be that good. Maybe one day, heck maybe someone might actually read this and pass the word around.

Two nights ago I went to bed late. I work 6am to 6pm on a strange rotation that is not even worth going into detail about. So my bedtime on workdays is 9. Well because of American Idol (the Asian is my favorite.) I didn’t go to bed until 11. It wouldn’t had been so bad but I couldn’t sleep… I kept brainstorming ideas about a short story named after my cat Fuzzy lol. I’m going to try and sell it to some magazines and see if I can get a buyer.

The only thing worse than being in bed knowing you need to go to sleep and not being able to is being in an emergency waiting room…

Hello, my name is Eugene Cusie. I’m 27 and married (to my dream girl!), I live in Florida, and I write horror. I have two books on kindle right now with right around 1,000 total downloads. Not too bad for a indie artist that has only been on Kindle since 9/25/11. I’ve also came in second place for the first short story zombie story for Brains Magazine.

I’m currently working on a handful of short stories and two full novels.  The two novels are “Automatic Breathing” and “The End of Tomorrow”