My Bio


Eugene W. Cusie (born February 11th, 1985) is the author of ‘Finding the Flower Girl’ and ‘Apartment 23A’, as well as the soon to be released ‘The Bomb and the Cage’. At a very early age Eugene was hooked on all things horror and heavy metal music. After moving from New York to Florida due to his severe childhood asthma he further discovered horror with one of his childhood friends that introduced him to horror movies from the 70’s and 80’s.
Eugene was always encouraged to be anything he wanted to be by his parents, the dream of one day becoming a horror writer seemed far out of reach for him. Even after starting to write around the age of twelve he never followed through on his dream until he was much older.

After Eugene became a Correction Officer for the Florida Department of Corrections in 2004 he began writing what would later become ‘The Bomb and the Cage’. Eugene worked the night shift for seven years and left him with hour upon hour to his thoughts. This led to countless stories that he would tell co-workers, many of which did not like working with him due to his twisted a grotesque tales. Until one day Eugene started to write his first tale, one that he had been keeping deep inside for many years.
Eugene lives in Central Florida in the United States with his lovely wife Ella, two dogs Captain and Angel, and three cats Pepper, Suzi, and Fuzzy.


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