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So long dayshift…

Posted: April 29, 2012 in On daily life
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Bye bye sleeping at night. I’ve loved you so. As of Wednesday I report to work at 1745 hours for 4 months. This is good and bad. Good, because i get to sleep with my wife every night, I get an extra hour and a half everyday to write, and there is WAY less going on at work so I have more time to think about future books. Now for the bad, I have to sleep during the day and the food sucks at work…
So maybe I won’t miss days too much. Besides having more time with the wife is a wonderful thing !


Horror or suspense…

Posted: April 21, 2012 in On daily life
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Today I was told that if I wrote suspense instead of horror I would have more sales… Are my books horror or suspense? When you really think about it aren’t they the same thing?

My next novel.

Posted: April 19, 2012 in On daily life

Yes, I said it. Another novel in the works. I’m left picking up pieces of my thoughts… There is an idea running through my head about a sequel (Not the second book in ‘The End of Tomorrow’). If you have read either book you’ll know that I could pick either back up.

Then there is the thought of how I love writing about fire. It’s untamed beauty.

So I asking for a little feedback. You you want to see a sequel, and if so, which book ?

So now i have an editor, a marketing agent, and now a graphics designer. My third novel’s cover will be finalized tonight. My book will be in the hands of my editor by Friday. Then I will have a large release when it comes out. It will be in print and ebook version within the same week. As well as some reviews 🙂 the invasion is coming…. Are you ready?

This is taking forever.

Posted: April 10, 2012 in On daily life

I am about halfway through editing my third novel. Its going very slow but it will be a very good product when I’m finished.

In other news… “Finding the Flower Girl” is now available in print through Amazon for $4.56

Don’t just stalk me…

Posted: April 6, 2012 in On daily life

Share my pages too. My Facebook needs like and I need followers…