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Today I start the editing process. I completely restructured my novel yesterday. I had originally planned at starting the story in the middle with one group of survivors then go back and tell another groups story. So the times were all mixed up. I felt like it would propel the story and attract readers… Well it became too complicated and I felt it hindered the story. So I had to restructure it and I think its much better. Now chapter 1 is really chapter 20 lol.

I also found a huge mistake in time frame where my story was off by 5 years. So now it takes place in 2004 instead of 1999


I will post a few sample chapters when they are ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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Posted: March 27, 2012 in On daily life

Trayvon Martin

Posted: March 27, 2012 in On daily life

This whole thing just breaks my heart. If there was at the time no evidence to prove who was right then why didn’t they arrest the adult with the firearm? I mean really the boy had a bag of candy and a drink…

Why is it my printer costs $30 brand new and the ink for it costs $35? Well then answer is simple the ink in the new printer is a “Sample”, its not filled up… I wish I could afford a fancy printer like the one I have at work. I can’t imagine what that one costs. Probally somewhere in the $200 range… One day, one day I tell you!

Going back to my day. I got home and printed up my new novel (well except for the last 10-20 thousand words that I haven’t wrote yet lol) I am trying something new with my novels. When I finish them and do my own proofreading and editing I’m doing it on paper. It seems to work better for me than if I doย it on the computer hmmm. When I’m done with my novel it might be a short story with all the red ink I’m using. I’ll take a picture of my first page and post it here so you can laugh with me!

Then its time to break out my red pen for editing and proofreading… I hate this process but its always worth it. Without editing you will find some scary, scary stuff…

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