Editing time

Posted: July 18, 2012 in On daily life

Just a heads up. I am in the editing phase of my next book. Yay



Posted: July 15, 2012 in On daily life

I have finished writing ‘The End of Tomorrow’ Series. It comes to around 600 pages. I am going to edit it and release it out in installments.

Coming to a finish…

Posted: June 28, 2012 in On daily life

This zombie novel got slightly out of hand. It started with a short story for a magazine contest (came in 2nd place) . Then it turned into a novel, then a series, and now just one large novel. With its massive size I’m going for an October date if I self publish…. I know I said no earlier. I just don’t know. We shall see.

On another note. My next novel is done in the thinking department. That is all.

I am still alive. I haven’t fallen into madness or given up on writing. I did pull ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ only one week after it was released. To answer anyone who might care, it was simply because I finished reading the book ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King and it opened my eyes to the unsavory story that i had released.

If you bought it, please do not fear its not a bad product by no means, its just not the product that i had spent the last several years dreaming about.

I have also pulled out of self publishing (for now) at least with future works.

when the bomb is released it will be the first part of ‘The End of Tomorrow’. The second part is called ‘Through the smoke’ and the final part is calle
Ld ‘World on Fire’. There is the only taste you’re going to get. Unless you listen to ‘I Don’t want to set the world on fire’ by the ink spots…

The book is around 600+ pages and I’m just starting on the final part. A very big difference from the bombs 260 pages 🙂

So my next novel is going to be named ‘Through the Smoke’ and it is in fact the second book in “The End of Tomorrow’ Series. If you haven’t taken a look at the first book it’s called ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ and you can find it here. http://www.amazon.com/The-Bomb-Cage-Tomorrow-ebook/dp/B0083CTFDK/

Also don’t worry about a spoiler alert if you haven’t read ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ yet.

Last but not least, it is still a work in progress, it has yet to be proofread or edited. This is just the first draft. I hope you enjoy! Please take the time to leave a comment about what you thought.


The End of Tomorrow

Through the Smoke

Chapter 1

09/19/2004 1215 Hours

Amanda Reynolds

                I awoke to a loud banging sound coming from my front door. I quickly put on a shirt and pair of jeans. I passed my child’s room as I stumbled to the front door, I couldn’t see if she was up because I was still wiping the sleep from my eyes; this night shift was taking its toll on me. Right as I got to the door the noise stopped. Then just as my hand touched the cold metal door knob there was screaming from the other side of the door. I stepped back a moment, shocked then I looked through the peep hole. Through the tiny hole all I saw was the world through a red tint. I backed away from the door. The pounding started again. I picked up my house phone and dialed 911; a busy tone filled the line.

“What is going on?” I ended my call and redialed it to the same results.


This is that moment that you wish you had a gun. I could hear my baby girl; Terri in the other room screaming now, the noise from outside had finally disturbed her. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded. I worked the night shift at a convenience store less than two miles away. Every night I would take Terri who was ten months old to my parents. They watched her while I worked and in the morning I would have breakfast with my mom who was recently retired and talk about life.


Lately there was a lot more to talk about than normal. I had moved into this apartment with my husband Jordan, and daughter several months ago. After only a month of living here the fighting became too much for him. Jordon left me, and left me with this two bedroom apartment that I couldn’t afford since I didn’t work. Luckily, my parents helped me make my rent for the first two months, until I got a job at the gas station. The gas station didn’t pay me enough for rent and childcare but with my parents helping out watching Terri and the overtime I was getting it was enough to keep the roof over our heads, the power and water on, and food in our bellies. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can with whatever God gives you.


My parents wanted me and Terri to move back in, but I wanted my independence. However, at this current moment as the pounding grew harder I desperately wanted to have taken them up on their offer. The crying was growing louder as I pressed my body harder against the door. ‘Why didn’t I have a gun in my home?’ That should have been the first thing I did after Jordon left. I should have went straight down to the gun store and bought myself a shotgun or something. My parents had a gun. But instead I had a phone that was no use.


Then the door busted down. I was thrown against the wall and pinned there as several people ran inside. They didn’t even see me behind the door as they ran to by baby’s room. The smell of burning came in through the open door. There were a total of three of them. They all looked strange how they ran to the bedroom. Something, besides breaking into my apartment, was off about them. I ran just behind the last one.

“Get out of my home!” It completely ignored me, as if under a spell. I jumped on his back. I wrapped my arm around his throat and it slipped around smearing what felt like oil around my bare skin. He fell to the ground. The other two continued on their path busting the door to my child’s room. I screamed at them again. The one who I had just fought to the floor turned around. What was left of his face stared at me. He was missing one of his eyes and the flesh that should have been attached to his face making his nose and jaw line looked like it had been ripped away. He started to bite at me as I struggled to get away. I pressed my body against the wall as I pushed him away with my bare feet. There was the sound of screeching coming from my baby.


It’s amazing what the sound of your child in pain can do to you. I jumped up and ran into the room. To say I was too late was an instatement. They were holding my child between them, a man and a woman. Both were tearing at my poor child, who was now unresponsive. I looked away to the crib which was now in pieces. The sheet was smothered with blood. I saw a piece of wood that was broken and had a sharp edge. I took it and rammed the piece of wood into the man’s head through his ear canal. He fell lifeless to the floor. I pulled the piece of wood out and grabbed my child by the leg as the woman started biting into her neck and face. I smashed her on the head with the piece of wood. Tears started to roll down my face. My baby, my little angel was dripping, pouring with blood.

“Let go of her! Let go!” I hit her again with the piece of wood. She dropped the lifeless baby and came towards me. I forced the piece of wood into her mouth. She looked at me and for a moment everything around me stopped, as we stared into each other eyes, with her grey lifeless eyes.


I bent down and picked up my baby. The lifeless body was missing an arm and skin around her face. She barely resembled my child. She was no longer the smiling happy baby. Now she was dead. I held her close to me and cried, but even in this moment I didn’t get time to grieve as I felt the grasp of something pulling me down by my shoulders. I rolled away releasing my child to the floor. As the last intruder continued to bite at me I searched blindly for something, anything that could kill it. My fingers stumbled upon a piece of metal that once held the crib’s bed. I stabbed the man with it in his stomach region, and there was no response. Even after I felt it go completely through there was nothing. I pulled it out and rammed it forcefully into his mouth in an upward motion, shattering teeth as it struck. I pushed harder and penetrated the roof of his mouth and he finally ceased his attack and stopped moving.


I pushed the body off of me and left the room, there was nothing left for me in here. I heard the sounds of yelling and when I looked outside I saw a van parked near where Ted lives. If there was anyone who could help me right now it was Ted. When I ran outside I saw more of those things. I ran to the van as it pulled away. I didn’t see anything but that van. Then three men stepped in front of me blocking me from them.

“Please! Help me! My Baby!” was all I could get out. The van stopped. Ted exited the back door with a gun in his hand. He raised it and fired. It stuck one and blood splattered and it fell down to his knees. He fired a second time and fired. The second shot hit him and his head exploded and I felt pieces of him splash onto my face. He ran behind the other and forced the gun to the side of his head and fired. I screamed and he grabbed me and pulled me towards him.

“Snap out of it!” He yelled at me.


There was a man standing just outside the van. He was shooting past us. I didn’t want to know, I didn’t want to look. Ted pulled harder and I started to run. I ran until I was at the van. Ted and the man got inside and closed the door as we sped off, as we drove out of my nightmare.


So my next novel is going to be named ‘Through the Smoke’ and it is in fact the second book in “The End of Tomorrow’ Series. If you haven’t taken a look at the first book it’s called ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ and you can find it here. http://www.amazon.com/The-Bomb-Cage-Tomorrow-ebook/dp/B0083CTFDK/

Right now I’m about halfway though the first step, writing it. I plan to be done with it in about three or so weeks. Then it’s off to proofreading, editing, and cover design. I have a great idea for a cover and if I go through with it… well lets just say me and a cousin will be on it.

In a few minutes I will also be posting a sample from the first chapter of ‘Through the Smoke’. Also don’t worry about a spoiler alert if you haven’t read ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ yet.

So lets go back to February. I told myself then that I wanted to set a very large goal for myself this year. My goal was to have 7 books published on kindle and paperback by my 28th birthday. You see for some unknown reason the age 28 has always meant a lot to me. I can’t explain it, but what I can explain is that it is the year I’m going to make it big. You heard it here first! 2013 is going to be my year, the year of Eugene W. Cusie!


http://www.amazon.com/The-Bomb-Cage-Tomorrow-ebook/dp/B0083CTFDK/ stop by to buy and like 🙂